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Soundbar business training
Posted on:22/07/2013 13:39:30 PM
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       Order to promote company business development and work efficiency,July 25th the organization of company business specialist Sales attend weekend training activities and do practice


       At 9:30 a.m., the activity started in abnormal wonderful training. After two hours of training field, lecturers are based on their actual positions, making full use of business knowledge training specialist exquisite. Starting from the common problem of customers, focus on customer requirements, to guide the business specialist promptly and effectively carry out customer service, to provide theoretical support, at the same time, from a practical point of view, the more effectively develop customer source, clear the customers do not understand the high risk of market panic, looking for potential customers and so on, explain profound theories in simple language to explain the marketing skills, wonderful will be on site training to a climax. Finally, vivid language, profound professional knowledge, the image of the case analysis in knowledge with the lecturers, specialist who have responded with warm applause.


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