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Posted on:01/08/2013 14:51:19 PM
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Q.For fisrt time use ,woofer is still no function after connection
Ans:please read instruction carefully ,make sure it is connected.
Q;The Woofer not working after power on?
Ans:.1 please check if power is connected .
2 Use the remote adjust the volume of woofer ,since there is memory function for the last shut down,if you lower the woofer volume last time to -8 output is -8 you start next time.
Q.The main unit indicator is on but still not working?
Ans:Select the input source ,you may switch to different input source with last time.
Q.When switch"Music"mode to "Movie"mode or"TV"mode ,it has 2 seconds
pluse ,is that nomal?
Ans:Yes,it is nomal ,due to large amount of data for simulation in 'Movie" mode to cause th pulse.
Q:Cann't use remote to control woofer ,what is the methed to shut down woofer power easily?
Ans: When in use ,no need shut down woofer every time,when you switch off main unit ,the woofer automatically shut down after there is signal for 60 seconds ,when main unit power off,the standby power less than 0.5W.
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